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Автор : Николай
18:38, 23 марта 2018

Extreme sports have taken off in a big way over the last twenty years. However, quite a few people object to these dangerous sports, highlighting the risk of accident.

What is your opinion? Do you understand people who are fond of extreme sports?

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Nowadays extreme sports are very popular.There is a huge diversity of them: gliding,water skiing,parachuting,skateboarding and so on.Nevertheless,some people believe that extreme sports are quite safe and there is nothing to worry about,whereas others reckon that these sports should be forbidden as they can be rather risky.Who is right? Let us find it out.

In my opinion,extreme sports are not that hazardous as people used to think about them.As a matter of fact,I understand those people who are keen on doing these sports for two reasons.First of all,doing risky sports,a person can easily get so much positive emotions as well as an adrenaline dose.I strongly assume that it can improve our mood and make us determinant which is quite nice.Secondly,extreme sports are actually very safe in our time.There are very many preparations not to make a fatal mis

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