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The  standard   4 - 5   weeks ’  holiday  that employees receive is insufficient for dealing with stress

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There are different opinions on the issue of employee's holiday.Some people consider that the 4-5 weeks of rest are more than enough for workers.Others are sure that it is a small period of time to reduce the stress. 

I am inclined to believe that the month of holiday is a great chance for physical and mental rest.To begin with,during the holiday ,you can handle with stress doing a lot of different things,for example,spending time with your family or other close people,reading favourite books,watching hearthbreathing movies,travelling abroad or just enjoy the freedom from hard working routine.It allows you to look at the world through different eyes and become happier during the rest.Moreover,four or five weeks of holiday provide full calmness and pleasure for mind and body.Yoy can stay at home with supportive relatives who spend with you the rest.In addition,the 4-5 weeks of holiday is a

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