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Комментарий к фрагменту
Эти фразы лучше написать слева внизу.
Комментарий к фрагменту
Эти фразы лучше написать слева внизу.
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13:13, 4 июня 2016

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Mike who writes:

... Next week we're presenting orally the results of our individual projects in science. My project is good, but I hate oral assessment in general and I'm afraid I won't present my project well orally. Do you have projects? How often do your teachers ask you to make projects in different subjects? What do you prefer: written reports or oral presentations? ...Imagine my brother Dan will have no homework for the whole term! His class's been chosen for the experimental group by his school administration!!!

answer his questions; ask 3 questions about the Dan's reaction to the experiment

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Hello, Mike 

Thank you for your letter, it is always exiting to hear from you.

Of course we have projects; a lot of our teachers seem to have a liking for them. Usually, they ask us to do a project once a month, but sometimes there are two or more teachers asking for project, in this way it becomes difficult. As for me, I have always preferred written reports, because in this way I am less nervous and

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